Name:____________ ROMANTIC REMEMBRANCES, Inc.

Phone: __________ 972)494-2162, FAX 972-485-9452 EVENT DATE: __________

Romantic Remembrances welcomes the opportunity to be a part of your future plans. We hope your special occasion will be very successful! In order to reserve your date, the following items need to be completed: Locations and times desired!

Cars: 1939 Cadillac Fleetwood

1958 White Rolls  Silver Cloud 1

1960 White Bentley S2  Salon

1967 Daimler DS460  Limo

1973 CAD Eldorado Convertible

Stretch Limo

Lincoln Town Car Sedan

1.Payment: Deposit via Check or Credit Card to be determined based on hours of service and sent to

2334, Buckingham Rd., #230-175, Garland, TX. 75042.

2. Balance is due no later than 4 weeks before your reserved date.

3. Chauffeur gratuity of 20% of the total balance is also due no later than four weeks

before scheduled date of use.    In addition Administrative fees of $14 / hr  for  administrative /fuel fees.

Conditions for use of the Antique Cars:

We ask your cooperation in maintaining the following guidelines for the use of our cars:

A. No food, Beverages, or Smoking inside the cars.

B. No materials may be taped or attached to the cars.

Calculation of Time:

Our pricing structure and calculation of time is somewhat different than new limo services. Whereas they start and end the time at their garage, we split the difference with our customers. We begin driving and the time starts 15 min. after leaving our garage and the time ends in the same manner. This allows 30 minutes of time the customer does not pay for. We give a grace period of 5-10 minutes, and then charge for every additional 15 minutes of use. We have a two-hour minimum Dal Co. Three-hour min. Tarrant Co.

Cancellation Policy:

If the client cancels the reservation up to four weeks before the reserved date, the monies paid will be returned minus the deposit. If the client cancels less than 30 days before the reserved date, no refund can be given.

Romantic Remembrances will make every effort to be at your event. In case of severe weather or mechanical difficulties beyond our control that forces us not to be able to drive the car to your occasion, your deposit and balance paid will be refunded. If an emergency phone # is provided, we will call to inform status. We will substitute another car from our fleet, based on availability if the original car develops a mechanical problem.

Booking Policy:

Upon receipt of deposit and signature of this form, your date will be reserved. Patrons ride at their own risk. Our office will attempt to contact you again before the wedding to confirm all details. Please feel free to call us to confirm or to change details regarding your special occasion. We need a written notification of changes.

I have read the above guidelines and agree to the conditions as stated.

Client: Signature Date: Signature: ___________________________

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