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58rolls_couplephotob_394401868_tmmia-m1958 White Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

The beautiful 1958 White Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1 is adorned with a chrome grill and the flying lady  on the hood. It is comes with A/C. The interior is made with plush red leather and burral wood dash and window treatment.  For memorable photos and the “WOW” factor, your special event will be elegant in this luxurious car!

1960-bentley_rr10091960 White Bentley

The 1960 White Bentley is an exquisite car designed in Britain. The right-hand drive gives the allure of being chauffeured in the hills of Cambridge. It is comes with A/C.  The red leather interior compliments the burral wood dash and trimmed windows.  This impeccable car will make you feel like the King and Queen for the evening!

67-damiler_mvc-022s1967 White Daimler

The original owner of the 1967 White Daimler was the Queen “Mum” of England. This model Daimler was designed for the British monarchy. This splendid car is features gray leather interior, a divider window and walnut wood dash and trimmed windows. The interior of the car is very spacious with 5 feet between the chauffeur and the passengers. It is also complimented with a rear A/C unit in addition to the Front.

39cad_tonyvBlack 1939 Cadillac Touring car

The Black 1939 Cadillac Touring car was originally built as a 7 passenger vehicle. This pre WWII car was designed with running boards, sidemounts and suicide doors. Leather jumpseats pull up from the floor behind the front seat.  Five (5)feet separate the chaufeur from the plushly padded rear seat.This car is a nostalgic choice for transportation or use as a prop/photo shoot depicting the era of the 1930’s for a special event!

73cad-0531973 White Eldorado Cadillac

For convertible lovers, the 1973 White Eldorado Cadillac is a perfect choice. The White Top is electrically controlled up/down. This is orginal car with all the options including A/C.  This vehicle is 20.5 ft. long and 7 ft. wide. Red leather adorns the interior of this car. A perfect “date” car with a working 8-track tape
set.” A special electronic control kit allows various sounds to be played while driving. A perfect parade car, too!

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